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Fashion industry is one of the most challenging segments for building relationships with customers: goods must be stylish, high quality, moreover, such purchases are not on the daily shopping list.  How can we motivate a buyer to purchase clothes or shoes of a particular brand? It can be shown with using the example of retail outlets where loyalty program for clothes and shoe store has been introduced.


Prerequisites for implementing a loyalty program

Nowadays, INTERTOP remains the undisputed market leader among shoe stores.  The chain includes more than 80 stores in Ukraine and Kazakhstan, where the products of Geox, Clarks, Skechers, Timberland, Braska, Armani Exchange, Tommy Hilfiger and other leading brands are represented.

INTERTOP constantly works on matching the market trends as far as possible, giving customers the opportunity not only to buy quality footwear, clothes and accessories, but also to create their own image, express themselves through style and at the same time enjoy shopping.

In February 2018, specialists of AMB Loyalty program together with Intertop Kazakhstan employees, updated the loyalty program in the Intertop Plus chain of stores.  Prior to the upgrading, the loyalty program in the stores had been already in use, and the own development of the 1C loyalty bonus program had been applied.  At the moment of the decision making to transfer to a new platform, 1C was not able to maintain high-quality performance and processing of large amounts of data yet.  Consequently, the management of Intertop Kazakhstan together with the specialists of ABM Loyalty program decided to transfer to the ABM Loyalty platform seamlessly.


 What has been done to launch a new loyalty program:

  • The customer database has been updated and transferred.
  • The purchase history of identified customers has been saved and synchronized.
  • The history of unidentified clients has been saved.
  • The properties of the goods (color, size and other characteristics) have been expanded to obtain more in-depth analysis.
  • User’s reward tools have been added (additional offer program)


 “We have defined the basic vector of customer relations: in addition to the standard rewards for purchases, customers will receive various personal offers to increase the number of bonuses on the card – it is important for us to increase the number of identified customers, the frequency of visits and the number of positions in the check (average check).  Moreover, we do not ask customers to carry cards around, because all Loyalty Program members can be identified by a phone number – it’s quite convenient considering the Fashion segment.

I would like to mention separately the mobile application that allows customers to save  the history of purchases, to receive information about offers and news, and, of course, to create a virtual card that gives the same privileges as the plastic one “- the project program manager, Marina Smelova, gives her opinion about the Loyalty Intertop Kazakhstan updated system .


The loyalty program for the stores should be simple and convenient for customers

Becoming a member of the Intertop Plus program is an easy procedure.  The loyalty program for the Intertop store is created in such a way that gives a chance for new customers to purchase a bonus card for 200 tenge and to fill in the member’s application at any of the Intertop stores.  Worldwide experience of Amazon, Virgin Airlines has proved that customers are more likely to use bonus privileges when membership in the loyalty program is paid.  We tend to appreciate things that are paid, than those which are given for free.  This system stimulates the client to use the program for a long term with increasing the LCV client base.

When using the bonus card or identification via the mobile application Intertop plus, a customer is awarded with a bonus: 5% for each purchase in Intertop, Intertop Outlet, Geox, Clarks, Timberland, Lee & Wrangler, Armani Exchange.

Bonuses are accrued for any purchases, even during stocks and seasonal sales – so it becomes an undoubted advantage for the customer.  Accumulated bonuses can be used as a discount for the selected goods within 15 days after awarding, conversion here is 1 bonus = 1 tenge.


Motivation of customers’ involvement in the loyalty program and methods of stimulation.

When a company decides to use a loyalty program to attract customers, the most important questions are:  how exactly sales will be stimulated, what is the size of the average check, how cross-selling procedure is carried out and what are the ways of the customer base increase.

The ABM Cloud loyalty platform has many components for launching the program and marketing tools’ settings.  Integration with any CRM virtual accounting system allows you to use all client data, analyze large amounts of information.

Amazing results in the formation of emotional attachment to the company or product are achieved by the use of a Corporate Personal Account on the company’s website and the Mobile application.  The White Label component of the ABM Loyalty platform has a ready mobile application on iOS, Anrdroid and a personal account module which are made for the customer.

In the Intertop chain of stores these opportunities are appreciated, because they contribute to the company’s attractiveness in the eyes of the customers (it is a more convenient modern and informative way of communication with the Loyalty Program members, rather than informing customers at the cashdesk in the store using handouts) and allow quick and inexpensive marketing campaigns.

Functionality of the Personal Account on the Intertop website includes the following possibilities:

  • registration and authorization of members in the loyalty program;
  • checking balance, history of rewards and purchases;
  • checking offers: description, expiry dates, events and news (automatic publication with CRM);
  • personal data management, mailings.

The mobile application solves the problem of “forgotten cards” and the client’s reluctance to fill in a paper questionnaire at the outlets.  The application makes it possible to register and authorize without a plastic card that is convenient for the customer.

Some of the distinct features of the Mobile Application Intertop are as follows:

  • adding of a plastic card;
  • authorization of members in the loyalty program by pin code or fingerprint;
  • checking balance, history of rewards and purchases;
  • checking offers and news;
  • personal data management, mailings;
  • Outlets’ addresses and a coverage map: telephones, email, and opening hours;
  • My card (bar code);
  • PUSH offer notification, news.

Let’s sum up: the loyalty program for Intertop Kazakhstan has become a closer step towards customers.  For the network members it has ensured the comfort and convenience when using the Program.


Specialists of ABM Loyalty together with Intertop team have done a great job, which already gives its first results, shown in the increase of the repeated purchases amount and expansion of the customer base.

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