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Increasing customer satisfaction is one of the key tasks of the Arber Fashion Group team.  In March 2018, the company’s specialists launched a loyalty program for the Arber clothing retailer based on the ABM Loyalty software solution.

Arber is one of the largest manufacturers of business men’s clothing in Ukraine.  The brand collections include fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories for men who choose the classic style and smart casual for their everyday image.  The brand offers the main line of Arber collections and a premium, selective line – dedicated to the founder Gregory Arber.

Today the brand is represented by more than 100 Arber shops located in 21 regions of Ukraine.

Презентация обновленной программы лояльности для клиентов сети Arber

The brand continues to actively develop a set of accompanying services and services in creating an impeccable style when building perfect relations with customers. Customer satisfaction in the chain of stores is created through getting fulfillment from the perfect purchases and positive emotions from each visit to the store.  For the Arber management an important factor in choosing a platform for managing client experience became the functionality of the system, allowance to know everything about customers and their preferences, and thereby forming quality communication with them when offering personal benefits.  The ABMLoyalty platform appeared to be a multi-tool to satisfy that requirement.

In the Arber League chain, before the introduction of the ABM Loyalty program, a cumulative discount system had operated, so a customer was able to get a discount card, the amount of the discount changed according to the costs spent.  Due to the fact that the company has already used the loyalty program, ABM Loyalty specialists being integrator of the software solution have agreed with the client a seamless transition from the old system to the ABM Loyalty platform:

  • the customer database has been updated and transferred within purchase history of the identified customers

Features of the discount and bonus loyalty program


Increasing customer satisfaction: how does it work on the part of the Loyalty Program Member? 

To increase customer satisfaction upon the transition to the Arber LEAGUE Bonus loyalty program, the current participants of the discount program were provided with additional bonuses and their statuses were preserved, depending on the nominal value of the existing discount card. Customers were able to make convenient transition within two months since the launch of the renewed loyalty program.

For example: if the customer’s account card was 0%, 5% or 10%, etc., when switching to the bonus program Arber LEAGUE, bonuses of 30, 100 or 200 monetary units were automatically accrued as it’s shown in the table below.  Bonuses are valid for two months since the Arber LEAGUE loyalty program launch.

Discount and bonuses loyalty program possibilities


The valid client card continues to amass the bonuses for purchases and the accumulation of purchases.

“The transition from a discount to a loyalty program has many advantages.  At the same time, the company receives a good economic effect and emotional relationship with customers, since client transition might cause discomfort, as a result there is a possible outflow of the client base.  It is very important to maintain the satisfaction of the buyers, as customers retention is much cheaper than attracting new ones again.  A well-prepared Customer Journey Map helps to identify critical points and minimize outflow.  We, as a service provider of a loyalty platform, have carried out a qualitative transition of data on existing customers in order to provide the most “seamless” transition,”  says Ruslan Dymchuk, CEO ABM Loyalty.

A particular option worth mentioning is a mobile application which allows Customers to track the history of purchases, to receive information about promotions and news, and of course the creation of a virtual card that gives the same privileges as the plastic one.

What components of the platform were used at launch?


While developing customer loyalty program, the brand provides a constant profit in the future.

Increasing customer satisfaction is important, and the simple truth is that it is always cheaper to keep an old customer than to constantly search for new ones. A loyalty program is one of the tools for achieving client satisfaction, like CRM.  The successful company in current conditions is the client- oriented company.

The ABM Loyalty system is a complex of tools that helps to keep current customers, expanding the customer base and offering buyers to become members in the program, giving their data, accumulating a transactional history, analyzing and impacting, which helps to increase repeat sales on average by 10-30%.


ABM Loyalty System Control panel


How exactly are these functions implemented in ABM Loyalty?  The platform consists of a set of components, some of them are for setting rewards, marketing tools and analytics – the system provides a comfortable work of the manager in one interface at all stages of the customer lifetime (CLV). Another setting provides a direct contact with the Loyalty Program members, namely the Personal account on the site and Mobile application on iOS and Anrdroid platforms.  White Label Component allows to brand them completely in the corporate style of the company.

Personal account of the Member of the loyalty program on the Arber website, made in the corporate style of the brand.

Using the customer’s personal account on the site, Arber carries out communication and informing customers.


Set of functions of the personal account that the client can use:

  • registration and authorization of participants in the loyalty program;
  • balance check, history of charges and purchase history;
  • offers check: description, expiration date, events and news (automatic publication with CRM);
  • management of personal data, mailings.

What is the mobile application for?  The branded mobile application Arber is available for iOS and Anrdroid platforms download:


Its functionality partially corresponds to the personal account on the site; here you can also register, add the card, check the purchase history, balance the write-off and bonuses, find out about new offers and events, get PUSH notifications and take part in polls (NPS).  Advantage of the Membership is that the client can be authorized by the PIN-code or fingerprint, and it is not necessary to have a plastic card with the scanner having scanned the barcode from the device.  Another convenient solution is the system understands where the Member is located and shows the nearest Arber outlets on the map with the possibility to build a route.  On the brand part, the advantage of a mobile application is the management of customer personal data and mailings, including sending PUSH notifications with information about new offers and discounts.


Why is customer satisfaction beneficial for the clothing retailer chain?

Customers satisfaction is a requited love given for your efforts. In the Arber chain, each client gets attention and personal benefits, the ABM Loyalty system helps the brand build a perfect relationship with customers.  Here the buyer is not only a customer, but is a friend and like-minded person who supports the brand and ensures constant sales in the future.  We thank the Arber team for the quality cooperation and partnership, we also wish to actively develop in the future!


More information about the loyalty program

Don’t know the information about the customers?  Don’t know their preferences?  Don’t buyers return to your store?  Customer loyalty program will help to attract customers to the brand and to establish long-term beneficial relationships. 

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