New opportunities for data analysis and visualization in loyalty program ABM Loyalty

New opportunities for data analysis and visualization in loyalty program ABM Loyalty

The evolution of the business intelligence, such as data analysis and visualization, has recently reached a rather large breakthrough due to the high demand and large volumes of information.
Companies that offer their user simple and functional tools for data analysis and visualization have become market leaders. Therefore, we improved our loyalty program ABM Loyalty to give you opportunity to have quality customer data analytics.

One of the main focuses of the development of ABM Loyalty platform is the work in the CRM niche: this is a set of tools for launching the loyalty program and succeeding work with the customer base.


Ruslan Dymchuk, Co-founder / CEO ABM Loyalty: “In addition to our productive strategy, we receive extensive feedback from our customers, analyzing it, we are solving new tasks to develop the functional part of the ABM Loyalty platform and we are making it “universal” for work:  in one place the head of the loyalty program or the marketer can work with a variety of tools, ranging from setting the conditions and configuration of the loyalty program, analyzing, to building promo offers with different mechanisms, communication through various channels and receiving performance reporting.

Global competition among such systems forces the business to choose a clear segment of the direction of technology development, creating a professional system with a set of those modules that are most in demand among the target audience, this is the approach we are guided by in our company and we have decided to install a professional BI platform, in addition to our internal reports.
When choosing BI as an additional tool for the platform, we first of all referred to the speed and simplicity of creating reports, the ability to work with large data sets, as well as visibility and interactive visualization in various ways.
Moreover, it was important to have a flexible and “seamless” connection to the system.”


Protection and Security of customer data analytics

Data processing and customer data analytics underlie any business activity. However, the proper mechanisms for protecting information systems from unauthorized access, malware and hardware failures are a vital element in work assurance. In order to provide the maximum level of protection, the system is developed using the methods of Rugged and STRIDE development and possible threats analysis, and also it uses several levels of security (authentication, authorization, access control, preliminary data processing), which constitute an integrated strategy of protection and security.

Basic stages of integration
We divided the integration work into several main stages:
1. System setting on separate servers in the data center.
2. Integration and seamless work of users with analytical reports.
3. Creation of “baseline” and individual reports for our clients.

Data analysis and visualization

Retail outlets analytics

4. Ability to seamlessly save samples, filters, used for the subsequent launch of advertising campaigns and communications.

Analysis and data visualization tools

Algorithm of analysis tools and data visualization performance

Business intelligence systems are mostly used to analyze personal data, sales, products and key indicators, cross-sales, cross-product analysis, etc. Middle managers and top managers mainly work with such reports, and ordinary employees and owners work with them to a lesser extent.


Often used analytical reports in loyalty program:

1. Indicators of sales of stores by periods, checks, dynamics.

2. Analysis of product categories (sales, checks) in loyalty program.

3. Heat Map by category and outlets.

4. Intersection of products and categories chart.


The cost of the loyalty program. Do we charge an additional charge for use?

When using basic reports, the use of the system will not be on a paying basis for all our current customers and new customers. If you need to develop a new model of useful for many of our clients report, we do it for free. Individual reports are on a paying basis at our standard pricing.
All in all, we really suggest you to use loyalty programs to be trendy with useful customer data analytics.


 We will demonstrate the work of the powerful analytic

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